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yeah it's so cool.

it's totally awesome.


Hello there. My name is Kendra and I love things and fandoms. I love anything Harry Potter :), Anime and other things. Like RPGs. And playing guitar. You could say I'm a geek. Which I am. And I love being one. I love Harry/Hermione and yes I read the books more than ten times. I read fanfics everyday because that's what makes our ship sail. I love to write, I can't draw for beans and my friends are awesome. I don't mind random adding, although that's kinda creeper-ish, right? lulz. But yeah. MLIA. I'm fifteen. I think. Yeah, I am :). Oh. And I live in Toronto. What an awesome city. Better than New York, except they don't have the Harry Potter-themed bars. SUCKS. But yesh. I'm off to try make some wrocks now. My mood theme is made by the ever-so awesome tattooedsiren. And my LJ layout is made by causefire (because I'm a dependent prat and can't learn CSS for shit).

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